We have created a package that includes all the services that will help you through-out your stay, on every level: personal, cultural and professional. We want to share our experience, knowledge and contacts with you, as well as introduce you to the best spots in the city, our traditions, and our friends. Helping you make this one of the best experiences of your life! Six months is the perfect amount of time, let’s make the most of it!


  • We will help you to pre-select the best neighbourhood for you as well as some flats to see upon your arrival.
  • Welcome at the airport and help on the day you arrive, including the first 4 hours after you arrive in the city.
  • We will accompany you to visit the flats you selected, and accompany you to complete or sign any necessary papers, forms etc.
  • We will assist you with the procedures for basic Services: water, electricity, gas and Internet.
  • Assistance with personal and administrative procedures:
    Municipal Registration
    Spanish Foreigner ID Card (NIE)
    Social Security Number
    Bank Account
    Mobile phone contract and Spanish phone number
    Health Card
  • We will handle all the necessary paperwork for you as well as escorting you to all the appointments, including pick up your ID etc once it’s all ready.
  • Guidance in choosing your health insurance, if necessary.
  • Help finding English-speaking specialists (medical or similar): dentists, physiotherapists, coaches, cardiologists, gynecologists, etc.
  • Help finding the most convenient Gym, sport center, personal trainer or any other sportive activity of your interest.
  • Get to know Barcelona: One full day of active orientation, from the Mediterranean sea all the way up to the top of Tibidabo. We will show you around the different neighbourhoods in Barcelona, help you navigate public transportation, advise you on how to stay safe, show you the best shopping areas, the hottest nightlife recommend places to take your the best places to go with friends and family if they visit, and whatever else you may want to know!
  • Barcelona in depth – Tutorial and accompaniment. Two hours a week, for six months: time to do whatever is most important to you at that time: Anything from to practicing your Spanish, or discovering the secrets of the city to accompanying you wherever you may need to go. Whether it’s just to touch base, or to introduce you to friends, contacts and experiences, these meet-ups allow you to get to know Barcelona and us much better!
  • A full day tour of Modernisme in Barcelona, the history, the players, the feudes and the fortunes…
  • The Barcelona SKYLINE… from the sea. Enjoy the incredible views of the sea and this magical city as we sail around the Mediterranean.
  • Three guided tours designed exclusively for you, based on your interests, to help bring you closer to our traditions and culture.We can visit some of the best wine cellars in Catalonia, see a Castell (human tower), enjoy a traditional Calçotada (baby leek “festival”), take in the incredible landscape of the Costa Brava and so much more.
  • Monthly update report for your family during the 6 months.
  • Emergency number for the full 6 Months.

SAYING GOODBYE: we will help with all the procedures necessary for your return home.

  • Assistance closing out bank accounts.
  • Cancelling all contracts: utilities, mobile phone, etc.
  • Turning in all keys and deposit return.
  • Luggage – we will even help you pack!
  • We’ll be there to see you off! We will pick you up by car and accompany you to the airport on the day you leave.

*Transportation is included in all activities requested.
*Transportation, entrance costs and lunch are included for the orientation day and on all the day trips.
* We are pleased to invite you to come to all these activities with two of your friends or relatives. We will cover their transportation, their meal costs and entrances will need to be taken care of by them.



BREADY + BWELCOME + BINTEGRATE + everything you need for a successful stay.



We want everything to run smoothly and for you to be happy in Barcelona.
Our mission is to help you make the most of your stay in Barcelona and ensure a hassle-free experience.

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